Cooling Tower Nozzle

These nozzles are made out of a basic body of ABS plastics and three different types of nylon...

PVC Fills

Pr-eminent quality Long life fill consist of modular block PVC honey comb construction..

Cooling Tower Drift Eliminator

Drift Eliminators, made out of rigid PVC, are designed to remove entrained particles..

Cooling Tower Motor

These motors are used to rotate fan for cooling the towers.our motors have..

FRP Grating

FRP gratings are manufactured / fabricated by inter-weaving continuous thoroughly..

Our Specials

FRP/ Aluminum Fan

Aerodynamically is designed in axial flow type..


We offer very robust and highly efficient to use...


HDGI, Stainless Steel, Metal insert with..

Motor Hood FRP

All Kind of MOTORS working in Open Environment

Gravity Flow Nozzles

Open Type Water Distribution by Gravity